20 April 2011

Yellowbird...TEXAS (20 April)

Today I finally caught up with two of the three Yellow-headed Blackbirds that have been making a scene at the High Island RV park on 5th Street, High Island. Standing in among the Red-winged Blackbirds and Brown-headed Cowbirds besieging the feeders the bird was a little conspicuous to say the least. A morning visit produced just the hapless one-eyed bird, although a quick check there in the afternoon produced a healthy looking two-eyed bird that was a little more pleasant to look at in the photos... Although I only got a short session of migrant watching in the afternoon over at Boy Scout Woods it was noteworthy for my first "wine-splashed" Bay-breasted Warbler of the season (just one or two have come in yet, although this was the first one to give more than the lucky few a glimpse, as this one posed around Purkey's Pond).

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