14 April 2011

Sparrow Sundown at the ranch...TEXAS (11 April)

Sadly after just a day at Tacubaya Ranch it all came to a close with a few very different sparrows coming in the drink in the evening around the pool in front of their afternoon songbird blind. The Olive Sparrow did not exactly steal the headlines once the Black-throated Sparrow showed up, with its distinctly more striking plumage. A nice close to our time at this remote ranch near Encino Texas. Even the yard we of the place we were staying in was a magnet for birds: Curve-billed Thrashers tussled with each other on the lawn, but were immediately overshadowed the moment a Green Jay turned up, with its more fancy dress.

Photos of the ranch yard birds to come...

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Jaffa said...

That's a cracking BT Sparrow Mr Woods! Sounds like you are having a great time out there. I do long to return to the good old USA, too many colourful megas!
Thanks for your comments on my blog.
Speak soon