11 April 2011

More white than red...TEXAS (10 April)

Well after a thoroughly enjoyable weekend at South Padre we had to head north once again for an extended journey back to High Island on the Upper Texas Coast. However, there was time for an early morning walk around the fantastic boardwalk where I was captivated by this white morph Reddish Egret (identifiable from the similar-sized Great Egret by its prominent pink bill base for one thing), that did the whole, classic Reddish Egret thing of "dancing" in the bay to target any hapless fish in its presence. A comical bird if ever there was one. A great end to the weekend that saw me realize wholeheartedly why South Padre is one of THE classic south Texas birding sites. Even though it was quiet for trans-Gulf migrants (courtesy of the strong southerly winds) the waterbirds around the boardwalk were just enthralling, and incredibly tame (that is supposedly normal for this venue) making this place a really fun site to visit with my Canon in toe..

Next up we headed north to the middle of nowhere in Encino Texas to check out a ranch for bird photography..posts to follow soon.


Lee Dingain said...

What a great looking bird! Nice shots Mr Woods!

Mary said...

Oooh the second and third images from the top are brilliant. Like the new banner too, very nice one~