02 April 2011

Favorite bird of the spring...TEXAS (30 March)

OK so the spring has been slow so far, although it is early, so I have had slim pickings to chose from. However, this is nearly always one of my favorites of the spring, and it just so happens this early mover is around right now, and this is arguably one of the best times to see them. So even when it is slow along the Gulf Coast we can more than compensate with such thrillers as "pinkie" AKA Scissor-tailed Flycatcher. Although I feel Scissor-tailed KINGBIRD would be a much better name? This one was shot a few days ago on the entrance road into Houston Audubon's Bolivar Flats Sanctuary, a regular spot for these distinctive flycatchers of open country. These guys even look good perched on a fence, and not many birds can pull that off!

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Mary said...

I seem to be taking lots of look-sees on your blog since I began following it a couple of weeks ago. You share some very nice posts and this one is very wonderdful too~