09 April 2011

"Mexican" Fish Hawks..TEXAS (9 April)

The finale to another fantastic time at South Padre was watching two Ospreys (or Fish Hawks) lingering in mid-air overhead hanging invitingly in the wind making for yet another incredible photo opportunity. I especially liked one of the photos where he is looking right down at me shooting him above. He definitely gave me the impression that I know what it must feel like to be a fish in its sights! The Ospreys of Loch Garten, which is a famous Scottish spot to go and find them, will never seem quite the same again. I have seen this bird on five continents but it is hard to envisage seeing them any better than I saw them today. Another phenomenal viewing at the Tip 'O Texas Birding Weekend here in South Padre, that has been very enjoyable to be part of....The day ended with a male Yellow-headed Blackbird teasing me to photograph him while perched invitingly on the fence behind the South Padre Birding Center, only for me to realize as I lurched to run and get my camera, that I had left it back at the house. Hope it's there tomorrow!

One more morning of this to go, before we head to a working ranch somewhere to dodge cattle and cowboys, and photograph more stunning south Texas birds.

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Mary said...

Beautiful images of the Osprey. I saw my first one last September, what gorgeous birds they are~ Mary