19 April 2011

High Island high Continues...TEXAS (17 April 2011)

After Saturday's phenomenal birding, when spring migration came into its own and got everyone hooked to High Island we could be forgiven for thinking that Sunday might be different. The winds and weather pointed to a clear out and not much on the way. Good job we only believe the weather sometimes! OK so there was nothing way different from before, but some significant birds were lingering on, most notably a friendly male Cerulean Warbler that in spite of being around all day long and walking onto many life lists managed to avoid me getting anything other than a poor record shot, which I have included as it took me so long to get just that! The photo blind was pumping during my short visit: a Red-eyed Vireo proved to me that it actually has red eyes when it dropped into the drip and turned to catch the light that revealed its deep red eye. Then it was one color explosion after another: male Baltimore Oriole turned up causing us to shade our eyes, then a pristine blue male Indigo Bunting followed, then a Summer Tanager and a bright male Yellow Warbler. Once again a Swainson's Warbler was shivering in the undergrowth and allowed us to follow it and watch its strange feeding behavior for a long, long time again.

Yet another great day on High Island (I have had a few in the past 4 years)...could this spill over into Monday?

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