09 April 2011

Non-warblers on the Warbler Walk! TEXAS (9 April)

Our attempts today to lead a "Warbler Walk" at South Padre with Michael Retter were thwarted somewhat by the distinct lack of many warblers, although a nice camera-shy male Blackpoll Warbler was a new arrival (and my first this year) that was hanging around with the continuing Northern Parulas around the convention center. Luckily though South Padre is never dull and we tucked into the waterbirds instead, which as ever there were incredibly confiding: Sora showed off in one area, Mottled Duck nonchalantly sat around in another, and American Golden Plover walked by a loafing Black-bellied (Grey) Plover to give nice side-by-side comparisons of these similar shorebirds. All in all a bad day at South Padre was a damn fine day anyway, and I am not finished yet.

Heading out on the boardwalk now for more late afternoon action...

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