16 April 2011

So far so good today...TEXAS (16 April)

After yesterdays thriller at Boy Scout Woods we were patrolling High Island early, and birds were everywhere. I am posting this at lunchtime and I have already seen a male Golden-winged Warbler toying with our affections by being there one minute and tantalizingly gone the next. A Swainson's Warbler was seen scurrying across the leaf litter working its way through the shadows. Several male Hooded Warblers showed that it is not too late for them to come through just yet, with several them being in tip top condition. Other furtive foragers in the woods included a Worm-eating Warbler that hid out the back of the scrub, and remained deep in cover for me anyway. Aside from that the odd Blackburnian Warbler American Redstart and Northern Parula also peaked our interests. And I have not mentioned half of what is here. A thrilling morning, and so much so I have to leave now to carry one stalking the various migrants flitting about the woods and be on guard for the next predicted wave of arrivals any time now...

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Dave said...

Just a few more weeks...and they'll be up here!
See ya soon.