14 April 2011

Yard Birds Down at the Ranch...TEXAS (11 April)

I had hoped by now to be posting a few more migrant shots on here but a combination of slow birding, and no photos for three days has left me bereft of photo choices for here. So instead I'll keep up with the photos from the Tacubaya Ranch in south Texas, where in the heat of the day we cooled off at the ranch itself and watched some cool garden birds hopping around on the lawn. This included the "Jewel of the Rio Grande", the Green Jay, and distinctly less colorful Curve-billed Thrasher. Meanwhile an over-friendly Bewick's Wren almost hopped inside the kitchen with me while I was shooting the photos!

With good migrant weather on its way, and usually great migration at this time in High Island, I hope to be posting some migrant-orientated stuff very soon...

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Mary said...

The Green Jay is quite an attractive bird and the eyes of the Thrasher are lovely. I enjoy your blog very much and hope that you shall take a look-see at mine when you have a chance~