17 April 2010

Worm-eater in the Woods...(High Island, Texas): 16 April

In the afternoon I stood hypnotized at the Boy Scout Woods drip while birds came in from the Gulf of Mexico, especially when 3 male Painted Buntings lit up the drip at once. Yellow Warblers joined the regular Indigo Buntings and Orchard Orioles that were dropping in from Mexico during the afternoon too. Checking the photo blind or hide occasionally also got me up close and personal with male Hooded Warbler, Orange-crowned Warbler, Gray Catbird and others. Best of all though was this wonderful Worm-eating Warbler (photo).


Lee Dingain said...

Wormers are one of my favorites. Nice shot Mr Woods!!

Sam Woods said...

Bit noisy but what can you do at 7pm!

houstonhabitat said...

Sam, I have Worm-eating,Kentucky, Ovenbird and another warbler I still need to ID in my yard today. Not bad in the city.