23 April 2010

"Dance of the Terns"...(Bolivar Peninsula, Texas): April

The last few weeks the coastbirding at Rollover Pass has been phenomenal, with up to 8 species of terns (including some blotchy Black Terns), flushed pink Franklin's Gulls dropping in from time to time, and packs of Black Skimmers regularly watched resting their oversized beaks on the sand. The shorebirds have also been in fine form with regular doses of Snowy Plovers among a horde of others. It has also been fun to watch the behavior of the birds, as the terns have been frisky, and frequently observed mating and "courting", while Reddish Egrets "fish dance" in the background. A magical coastal spot that has never failed to have some kind of show for us all.

Photo: Sandwich Terns "getting it on"

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JRandSue said...

Excellent image.