16 April 2010

High Island...(Texas): 15-16 April

Yesterday morning was a dead zone in Boy Scout Woods, saved right at the end of the walk by a pair if male Bobolinks creeping around in the grass at the edge of the sewage pond. The afternoon was totally different, birds swept through the Live Oaks at Smith Oaks, dominated by a wave of Red-eyed Vireos (that hit treble figures in the afternoon), Scarlet & Summer Tanagers, and a healthy number of Indigo Buntings too. Also among this horde of passerines pulsing through the trees were single Yellow-throated Warbler, Northern Parula, and double figures of Prothonotary Warblers.

The morning walk around Houston Audubon's Boy Scout Woods this morning was in a similar vein to yesterday morning (dull!), and a far cry from yesterday afternoon (electric). Few of the songbirds seem to have lingered on, although a Worm-eating Warbler hiding in a shady tangle was the one notable exception, and several birds dropped into the drip, in a brief stop there, including this Blue-headed Vireo (top photo). The other nice find was two different Least Bitterns that flew across the marsh at the back of the woods, a Swamp Sparrow lurking in the reeds (bottom photo), although no sign of the hoped-for Purple Gallinule that should be turning up there any day now...

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