27 April 2010

Drip Fest...(Boy Scout Woods, High Island, Texas): 27 April

High Island was pumping today, lots of warblers, tanagers, grosbeaks. thrushes. In the morning hearing the woods were pumping I headed out to Smith Oaks where huge numbers of Black-throated Green Warblers, Blue-headed Vireos dominated proceedings and a few Blackburnians and Canada Warblers thrown in.

In the afternoon I sneaked into the photo blind at Boy Scout Woods, for some top quality migrant action. Gulf migrants were coming in, non-stop with regulars commenting this was the biggest flurry of the spring so far. I sat glued for some time before I had to pull myself away. In that short half hour spell Nashville Warbler, Canada Warbler, Blue-headed & Warbling Vireos, Yellow-breasted Chat, and others coming in. In the end I had to drag myself from this and head over to Smith Oaks, where the woods were loaded with warblers, including a single Magnolia Warbler among the horde.


Laura said...

Beautiful! I can't wait for them all to get up to Ohio!

Sam Woods said...

What have you been getting so far Laura? Any goodies?