28 April 2010

Day of the Chat...(High Island, Texas): 28 April

The morning walk in Boy Scout Woods was packed with birds, although a markedly different mix from yesterday. Gone were many of the warblers, although masses of thrushes were in attendance. It seemed every step we took brought up a flurry of Swainson's Thrushes. Tanagers too were loaded into the lot, both Scarlet and Summer. The one notable exception to that warbler statement were the Yellow-breasted Chats, that were simply everywhere. In just over an hour we had racked up a minimum of 30 different birds with no effort at all. Some even posed in the sunlight for us too. A remarkable chat event for sure, the likes of which no one I spoke to today seems to have seen before, ever.

In the afternoon things changed with warblers once again flitting around the woods, and a brief stint in the photo blind saw me get this Rose-breasted Grosbeak, Northern Parula, and immature bicolored Summer Tanager, before I tried to click the shutter and realized with horror (and birds teaming all around) my car was full!!!

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