07 April 2010

Thrasher drops in to the Drip...(HAS Boy Scout Woods, High Island, Texas): 7 April 2010

With a front looming further north we wait with anticipation for what goodies it might bring.

In the meantime I spent a few hours in Boy Scout Woods on 5th Street during the afternoon, watching with others as a Kentucky Warbler crept into the drip in front of the "grandstand". A brief sojourn in the photo blind for me was largely fruitless, a Gray Catbird skulking in the brush threatening to come in, although never actually coming in, while I sat there (frustrated). However, this "bonnie" Brown Thrasher (a vastly underrated bird in my book) came in a couple of times (photo).

While I walked the woods in Smith Oaks during the afternoon, and eventually found a scorching Scissor-tailed Flycatcher (why is that not the state bird of Texas, seems way better than the mockingbird to me!), Iain Campbell snuck into the blind and enjoyed several Ovenbirds, a gaudy male Hooded Warbler, and even a Blue-winged Warbler.

I am hoping maybe I can get a photo or two of them tomorrow. I am also awaiting my first sky-blue male Cerulean Warbler of the spring. Hopefully it is just around the corner...

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