09 April 2010

More of these please! (High Island, Texas): 8 April 2010

Did not get much time in the field yesterday, as I spent much of the day manning a booth at Featherfest in Galverston. First time in that wonderful city for me, so felt a bit like a holiday! (Until a nasty rash I have was unnervingly diagnosed as a potential Brown Recluse Spider bite by star shorebirder Kevin Karlson). Back to the birds though, a short walk in HAS Boy Scout produced a skittish Ovenbird that got away before anyone else could get onto it (photo), my first of season Eastern Wood-Pewee, and a boisterous Great Crested Flycatcher that shouted its presence at us.

In the afternoon I managed to squeeze in a visit to Offatt's Bayou in Galverston for the chance of a last minute lifer, although among the pack of Common Loons (Great Northern Divers to us Brits), there were a few Pacific Loon candidates, although a combination of failing light and long distance prevented us from properly nailing an undeniable one. Some of the Common Loons though were in full breeding dress, something I not seen for some years now.

Other birders in the area of Galverston had picked up Swainson's Warbler, Chuck-wills-widow, while Painted Buntings and Prothonotary Hooded Warblers were sighted in High Island so hopefully today'll bring me more migrants than yesterday!


JRandSue said...

Stunning shot Sam.

Sam Woods said...

I have to admit Iain took that one, still waiting for my camera to come back from the "ER"!