04 May 2011

What a Lovely Evening...COLORADO (3 May)

Way back when while I was twitching (chasing) rare birds around the UK, I would dream of seeing an Evening Grosbeak, as one of these birds turning up as an old Scottish record of this striking American bird was on the record books. Sadly this dream was never fulfilled in the UK as that record remains the only one on the books. So I had to wait until this May, decades after those first dreams, to pick up my first one, quietly sitting in a pine tree in the snow-cloaked town of Silverthorne in Colorado. Great bird, dream fulfilled. It was everything I had hoped, big, bold and beautiful!

More to come from Colorado soon...

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Mary said...

Well,I just made one correction...I thought that I had been a follower to your blog and could not understand why your blog was not showing up on my dashboard...hmmm Very wonderful entry by the way!