06 May 2011

Magee Madness...OHIO (6 May)

Now I am embedded in Ohio, I spent a thrilling day for the BIGGEST WEEK IN AMERICAN BIRDING sifting through warblers and moving no more than 500m in the process. The birds were everywhere, they were in my face, and this is the very reason I am unashamedly addicted to this migration scene. I personally only managed a "paltry" 28 species! So what a day. My favorites today were Cerulean (if only it would have hung about for more of us), Bay-breasted (they were a little more showy than usual), Cape May (I just always like this one), Canada Warbler, ridiculously tame Black-throated Blue Warbler, and a skull-capped Wilson's Warbler. On top of that a surprise Barn Owl also caused a bit of a stir in this part of the world, where it is very scarce.

More from Magee coming soon...

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Mary said...

I am not sure why, for these are all delightful images, but I really like the bottom one a lot!

Wondering...can you view my blog? Two have said it is either blocked, or they can no longer access it...how frustrating~