27 May 2011

Breaking the mould...COLORADO (2 May)

OK so not everyone cares for sparrows. I mean they are all so challenging and difficult to ID, so people often abandon their cause, which would be unfair at least to something like this Sage Sparrow, a hidden gem among sparrows. Easy to ID and even dare I say good looking. OK so it was a lifebird for me at the time but I still think the comment stands?

We found this bird near the town of Craig, Colorado, where we parked ourselves for the night before we visited our final lek of the tour the next day (for Sharp-tailed Grouse-more details of this and more to come). Checking the large swathes of sagebrush led to frustration at first, so we amused ourselves with several neon blue male Mountain Bluebirds flitting in and around a nest box as if deciding whether it fit the bill for this years nesting season. Then there it was, singing its heart out at the top of its beloved sagebrush, that it shared with a number of Sage Thrashers too in our time there.

More from Colorado to come...


Anonymous said...

I like sparrows, and this is a great one. Hope I get to see one in some near future. Thanks - Jay S.

10 COLORADO said...

Thanks, exellent blog!!!!

I love the nature!!!