13 May 2011

Photofest...OHIO (12 May)

OK so it was not a mega Magee day, but this was a great day to wander the boardwalk and check out warblers doing their classic "low down" thing at Magee Marsh (that the boardwalk is rightly famous for). So a good day for people, with the weather warm and sunny, birders as the birds were readily seen, and photographers as the birds were so so showy and the weather just perfect for capturing images of some of North America's most beautiful birds. My favorites today are pictured here: Cape May Warbler devouring a bug with elegance from the platform, and one of the many Prothonotary Warblers today that just dared you to take their shot as they dangled so invitingly and blasted out their "sweet" song. Plenty of Canada Warblers rounded out a fine day on the boards.

STOP PRESS: Just got my lifer Connecticut Warbler this morning at Magee. Three years and plenty of torment has driven me to this point. Elated and completely satisfied!

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