29 March 2011

Shetland Skuas...SOUTH SHETLANDS (15 March)

A visit to Whalers Bay on the final full day of our Antarctic cruise was fascinating for the old whaling station, although I could not help bu be distracted by the tamest skuas in the world, lumbering on the beach and displaying to each other regularly.

These curious scavengers soon enough spotted my bag was out of my reach and before I knew it a mob of skuas gathered to poke,peck, and pull at this intriguing item (photo above) that they hoped might hide some penguin meat or other skua-delicacy hid within!

Mostly, Brown or Subantarctic Skuas, the odd South Polar Skua turned up too for nice side-by-side comparison. (photo below where you can see the much chunkier Brown sitting in front of the standing slimmer, South Polar Skua.)

A final post will come from this awesome trip that was easily one of the best I have ever experienced, although the best part of the trip was not a bird at all, and come next...

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