22 March 2011

The Cruel Seals of Antarctica..ANTARCTICA (11 March)

WARNING: anyone who thinks penguins are cute and adorable (which they are of course), may want to look away now! Our afternoon foray around the icebergs of the Peninsula saw us run into two notable seal sightings. The radio informed us a Leopard Seal had got lucky, and was playing with a Gentoo Penguin. A short ride later we were right alongside for front row seats as the Leopard Seal tossed the penguin in the air to break it down into edible chunks. We watched transfixed by this gruesome, though gripping show, that was only haulted briefly when the seal seemed to take offense at a passing Kayaker and made a brief lunge for the kayak, much to the amusement of the rest of us!

More seals were to come, although more gentile than this menacing Leopard Seal...

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Lee Dingain said...

Excellent Leopard Seal shot mate!!! Top stuff!!