27 March 2011

Leopards on Ice...ANTARCTICA (14 March)

For our final afternoon in Antarctica itself, on the Peninsula, we visited one of the largest Gentoo Penguin colonies on Earth.

Cruising the waters of Cuverville brought us excellent views of Gentoos porpoising gracefully through the water around the Zodiac, where they look much more at home than on land.

Then we checked the icy bays and ice floes for any lurking predators and found two different Leopard Seals take a break from chasing penguins to "chill" on the ice.

Like everything in Antarctica these animals were happy for several boats to gently idle up them and ogle them at extreme close quarters... A great close to our time on the Peninsula.

The following day the very different Shetland Isles beckoned north of the pack ice...

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