20 March 2011

Ocean Wanderer...SOUTHERN OCEANS (9 March)

Our journey through the vast southern Oceans brought us many birds in our wake, usually Black-browed Albatrosses, wearing their "mean" expressions drifting past us gracefully time and again. However, the true giant of these oceans, the Wandering Albatross was the one that had me truly spellbound. Flying around on massive bowed wings these great albatrosses wander huge distances north of the Antarctic convergence in search of food. And they do so seemingly with little effort at all, using their impressive wings to sail low over the choppy waters. The beauty of being out there was we got to see these Ocean giants up close sweeping past the bow repeatedly revealing the distinctive yellow collar (that the Royals do not have, and the extensive dark tail). Magical.

As we ended the day our thoughts turned to the cooler waters of the Antarctic convergence, for we were drew to cross that the following day, that would likely bring us a new suite of cool water birds...

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