04 March 2009

Bluebirds at Bear Creek…(Houston, Texas): 3 March 2009

My Journey to Mexico via Houston began with an alarming bit of news – that as a UK citizen visiting the US I now needed (as of January) to apply online for an electronic ESTA BEFORE my journey out (a visa-waiver type thing), not something I was ready for when I turned up bleary-eyed for my 04.30am check-in. Swiftly after I checked in I rushed to the internet station in Quito airport and belatedly completed these new formalities online with time to spare. Had the afternoon for a stop over in Houston with a friend, and local birdman, Glen Olsen. Picked up my new Canon 50D and went to play with it over in Bear Creek Park in Houston. Not much happening during a late afternoon visit, just a few Eastern Bluebirds brightening up the park, and the odd Pine Warbler hanging around in the pines (where else).

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