23 March 2009

Bearded Owls in the Chiapas Highlands…(Chiapas, Mexico): 15 March 2009

After our time in the jungle we ascended up to the pine-oak woods in the Chiapas highlands (2300m) around the town of San Cristobal de las Casas. We had very little time left for the day, with just an hours light to check out some pines for Pink-headed Warblers, which we did not find. Although, we did get another Blue-throated Motmot, and several Rufous-collared Robins. However, what we were really there for were some ‘creatures of the night’, and one of these performed to perfection (after the expected period of chasing it around for a while first of course). The photo above should show just how well the Bearded Screech-owl “showboated” for us (see photo).

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