02 March 2009

Antpitta Antics in Mindo Part III...(Ecuador): 25 February 2009

We then walked down to the Rio San Jose at the bottom end of the property and tried to get a stable footing along the rocky shore for another antpitta species, Yellow-breasted Antpitta. We had barely arrived when ‘willie’ appeared right on cue, grabbing a few worms from a riverside rock, and hopping around on a small completely open islet in the middle of the river before slinking back into the forest, where he more truly belongs. Seeing this it is hard to believe that back in 2005 before this all started here I spent many hours hunting this species with other birders, being happy with just a few short glimpses of what was then considered a very shy and difficult species. Long may this continue! While we were waiting for the antpitta we were distracted by a male Torrent Duck that appeared suddenly in the river next to us, realized there were 13 people staring at him and then he disappeared upstream once more.

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