27 December 2011

To Santa Cruz....GALAPAGOS (20 Nov)

We traveled the short distance from North Seymour to northern Santa Cruz in the early hours of the morning, so that we ready to depart shortly after dawn. Our destination for the morning was the highlands of Santa Cruz, a haven for endemic birds, and especially finches. Shortly after getting to Media Luna we added finches to our list with a Green Warbler-Finch that posed in the open. Small Tree-Finch was also a new bird for us in the area. We were really here though for the shy, skulking and often difficult Galapagos Rail. It took some time, indeed we walked up and down the track, picked up the endemic Galapagos Flycatcher in the meantime, and finally found our rail, right where we had looked first!

Having got the rail (but failed on photos sadly), we moved on to another area of the highlands for some reptiles and endemic birds...

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