21 December 2011

Farewell New Mexico...(16 - 17 Nov)

Well, it had been a flying visit to the so-called "Land of Enchantment". I had sampled the much touted chilli (both red and green, although not yet "Christmas", a mixture of both), and been more than happy, and been to Bosque del Apache, and been ecstatic at the extraordinary scenes that greeted me. On top of that I dropped in to see (one at least) of the Rosy-finches at Sandia Crest. In short, this amazing state, which seems vastly under birded, under appreciated, and overshadowed by its neighbor, Arizona, had quite the effect on me. I am sure this will not be my last time in this well named land! I cannot resist throwing a few more photos up there from this flying visit from Bosque. I just missed the real festival of cranes, although it felt like I experienced it! Furthermore, rumors of easy "Flamms" (i.e. Flammulated Owl) may just bring me back here, as I have score to settle with that one!

Next up, back to Ecuador, and on board, for a cruise around the Galapagos Islands...

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