17 December 2011

Rosy Mountains...NEW MEXICO (16 Nov)

With precious little time to explore this vastly underbirded state, Iain Campbell and I decided to head up into the mountains near Albuquerque. We rose out of the flat cool desert plains, and up into the frigid mountains, and the scenic Sandia Crest (10,678 feet/3,255 m). Famous for its scenery among non-birders, but famous for its feeders among birders. The brutal chill of a New Mexico winter hit us as we got out of the car, so we warmed ourselves inside with a hot bowl of red chilli, and welcome cup of tea. Once warmed we ventured onto their small ice-covered deck, and watched their feeders for any action. Activity was constant, with Mountain Chickadees, and Hairy Woodpecker coming in regularly. Then a nasal call gave away the presence of Sandia's real celebrity bird. And before we knew it we were eyeballing several Black Rosy-Finches hopping around the deck. Superb. Much to the relief of another visiting birder who had flown in from New Jersey for this bird, which was his 700th on his ABA list. A great landmark bird if ever there was one.

More from Sandia Crest to come...

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theconstantwalker said...

Beautiful little birds to see..