28 October 2009

Into the Heart of Kruger I…(South Africa): October 7, 2009

After a decent “fry up” (fried breakfast), we checked around Skukuza Camp for birds, before making our way into the heart of Kruger and eventually Letaba Camp. Skukuza Camp has patches of denser brush and in some of these we found the striking Heuglin’s Robin-Chat (see photo), and a pair of smart White-throated Robin-Chats (see photo). On the long drive between camps we came upon birds and game dotted along the “park highway”, and there really were very few moments when there wasn’t something going on. One magical highlight included a side visit to a waterhole after a tip-off from someone we bumped into along the way, where Burchell’s Zebras wandered to the pool to drink right next to a huge Giraffe that drank alongside. Meanwhile in the background to all of this was a recent bloody Kudu carcass in the middle of the water, which was attracting the attentions of a number of Spotted Hyenas. It really was a classic African safari experience (see photo).

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These are fantastic photos. I really enjoy your posts.
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