03 October 2009

Agulhas Plains to De Hoop...(South Africa): September 28, 2009

A fantastic afternoon was spent digesting a tasty springbok pie, and making our way from Swellendam to De Hoop. The Overberg Wheatlands were laden with birds, larks hopped on and off fence posts along the way, bustards strutted proudly through the huge wheat fields (including 11 different Karoo Korhaans-see photo, and a chest-pumping male Stanley's Bustard in full display), and South Africa's national bird, the majestic Blue Crane (see photo) was out in numbers. By the end of the day we had tallied up over 100 of these regal birds alone. Here are a few more highlights: the generously endowed Agulhas Long-billed Lark, and a Capped Wheatear.

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