28 October 2009

Into the Heart of Kruger II…(South Africa): October 7, 2009

Driving deeper into the park we came upon various weird and wonderful wildlife from Angulate Toroises, to Elephants, Waterbuck, Blue Wildebeest, masses of Impala, and yet more White Rhinos. Stopping at a huge Baobab tree (see photo) provided a nice sideshow, although as we arrived back at the highway to continue our journey some large black shapes resting in the shade at the roadside turned out to be a party of the frankly bizarre Southern Ground Hornbill (see photos). Later on the journey we found an extremely tame Red-crested Korhaan (see photo) wandering along the roadside, that really should have had a “Korhaan Crossing” road sign to warn us of it! We ended the day with a fairly uneventful night drive out of Letaba Camp, which should have been renamed the Springhare Safari, as these strange creatures bounced off the sides of the road everywhere. A few hefty looking Hippos were worth a look too though, as at this cool hour they had wandered away from their usual watery hiding places.

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