03 October 2009

De Hoop Wildlife...(South Africa): September 28, 2009

In the late afternoon, after a frantic spell of non-stop shutter action during the marvellous photo opportunities on our journey to Malagas, we finally arrived at De Hoop, and started seeing some of the "megafauna" that the area is rightly famed for. Despite avian distractions like a couple of stately Secretarybirds prowling the plains, and a testosterone fuelled display by a closeby Stanley's Bustard, we took in a few of the animals feeding out in the late afternoon sun: several herds of Elands roamed the fringes of the reserve (see photo), and our first striped-up animals made an appearance with several Cape Mountain Zebras, in addition to the striking forms of ten or more Bontebok quietly feeding just before the sun set on what had been a great day, for delicious gamey pies, a flurry of new and fascinating birds, and a few big animals to boot. You just have to love South Africa!

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