04 April 2012

High Times...TEXAS (4 April)

After yesterday's deathly quite woods in High Island, our morning walk produced more of the same scenario in general, although glimmers of hope were provided by a Palm Warbler and a Louisiana Waterthrush "dipping" along the edge of Prothonotary Pond in HAS Boy Scout Woods. A menacing Merlin was also seen perched at the edge of the pond there too.

I also saw this cool mushroom in Boy Scout, of which I have no idea of what it is...please let me know if you do?

Our daily coastal foray down to the coast was notable for "award-winning" tacos (if awards were given out by Tropical Birding guides that is), and a trio of Franklin's Gulls and Black Terns, among the hordes of more common coastal birds at Rollover Pass. Rain stopped play early and had us checking the woodlots eagerly for new arrivals which duly came....a short stint in the Boy Scout photo blind saw me watching my first of season Ovenbird creeping past, along with this skittish Brown Thrasher (thrashers have been especially abundant and conspicuous of late in High Island). A return to the Boy Scout drip saw another season first occur when a male Kentucky Warbler made a celebrity appearance during the afternoon, which was later followed by groups of Orchard Orioles, a young male Wilson's Warbler showing hints of the skullcap to come, a handful of Northern Parulas, and the odd Black-and-white Warbler.

A call from Scott Watson patrolling Smith Oaks woods alerted us to lots of Tennessee Warblers, the first flame-throated male Blackburnian of the season (which I missed) and brought us several Yellow-throated Warblers too.

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