23 April 2012

Chuck's Widow....TEXAS (23 April)

I forgot to mention the good raptor passage we enjoyed during the morning in High Island, YESTERDAY. A couple of Mississippi Kites took off from the woods at Boy Scout Woods, clearly having spent the night there, before we found a kettle of hawks circling along the southern edge of the woodlot that held Broad-winged Hawks (2+), 1 Red-shouldered Hawk and at least 1 Swainson's Hawk too.

Back to today, a lunchtime visit to the shore produced Black Terns at Rollover Pass, many sporting the sharp jet-black dress of breeding plumage, along with several Long-billed Curlews, several Piping Plovers, and Semipalmated Sandpiper there among the hordes of other shorebirds, which also included a healthy batch of American Avocets. Moving down to N Tuna Drive further along the Bolivar Peninsula we switched our focus from shorebirds and coastal birds to passerines, picking out several roving bands of Dickcissels, a handful of Blue Grosbeaks and Summer Tanagers, and a Tennessee Warbler hiding out in the limited scrub available. Sadly though we could not resurrect the Bobolinks that had been around before today, and may well have flown the coup. A couple of hawking, and calling Common Nighthawks may have been enjoying the good afternoon hunting on offer, or simply have recently arrived off the Gulf. Another sat out in full conspicuous view along the side of the road too as it slept the day away.

Returning to High Island we were hit with the exciting news that a Chuck-will's-widow had  been found sleeping in the woods, where thankfully he had chosen a spot with a clear unadulterated view...

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