13 April 2012

Blind-sided...TEXAS (12 April)

It was a strange day in many respects on the Upper Texas Coast, the High Island lot at Boy Scout Woods was eerily silent in the morning with little mirants to show for our efforts. However, one of them was this continuing Swainson's Warbler, one of two which regularly showed to me and others this day. Other highlights included a wake-up call from a Prothonotary Warbler that was literally my first bird of the day as I stared bleary eyed out from the breakfast room in the Tropical Birding house on 5th Street, shortly after waking up. Another two "prothons" were later seen cavorting around Boy Scout Woods.

Back in the woods in the afternoon, new birds were in town, including this precious Ovenbirdwhich "chicken-walked" past the Boy Scout photo blind through the afternoon, which had a gaudy male Summer Tanager for company, and and unusually skittish Worm-eating Warbler too, that would not come in and drink for me. Although I dropped in and out of the photo blind in the afternoon I still managed to miss the male Painted Bunting that posed for photos. I have been coming to High Island every April, and for the whole of April, every year for the past 5 years, I have still never had a male Painted Bunting in front of me at the photo blind. It is killing me!

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Dave said...

One of these days, we have to visit High Island.
I would love to see the Swainson's Warbly!