23 April 2012

High Island...morning report...TEXAS (23 April)

Well, the woods were predictably quiet (considering the winds etc.) this morning, although very enjoyable all the same. The highlights of a foray around Houston Audubon's Boy Scout Woods included a ridiculously friendly Gray-cheeked Thrush singing within 6 feet of us, while a Wood Thrush foraged behind, which also had a male Hooded Warbler for company. Moving to the pond at the back of the woods for the third straight day we found a very confiding and seemingly very territorial Yellow-breasted Chat which sang from the tops of bushes and took it to a whole new level when he excited us all with a short display flight. Spring was clearly in the air with a pair of Crested Caracaras mating out there too. Returning to Purkey's Pond the muddy edge provided us with a Northern Waterthrush, while a cypress tree overhead held both male Summer Tanager and a male Blackpoll Warbler. A rather confiding Swainson's Thrush once again revealed what a great time it is right now for these mulberry-hunting birds, with good thrush numbers in the woods it seems. 

No photos from the woods-the Gray-cheeked Thrush was frustratingly confined to the darkest shadows-so here are a few shots from the coast taken in the last few weeks: Reddish Egret fishing as only a Reddish Egret can do among a horde of wintering American Avocets down at Houston Audubon's Bolivar Flats, and a very confiding Whimbrel shot from the car at Frenchtown Road (also on the Bolivar Peninsula).

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