10 March 2012

On to San Isidro...ECUADOR 22 Feb.

After a rainy, chilly morning in the temperate zone around Guango Lodge, we moved downhill into the distinctly warmer, and drier subtropics, and Guango's sister lodge, Cabanas San Isidro. En-route to the lodge I was sure to check the numerous rushing Andean rivers for birds, and shortly before turning into San Isidro we managed to find a White-capped Dipper as hoped, dipping conspicuously beside the Rio Yanayacu.

Shortly after, we saw the familiar sign beckoning us to turn into San Isidro, adorned with a large black-and-white owl: the infamous "San Isidro mystery owl" that is regular around the lodge, the precise identity of which is still yet to be confirmed. We were welcomed by a family group of Crested Quetzals (below) around the car park, and the familiar buzz of hummingbirds around their feeders. The shot above shows a Speckled Hummingbird perched impatiently beside the feeders there.

Our day closed with a post-dinner viewing of their famous owl, which teased my by allowing me to walk all around the grounds from the restaurant, only to turn up 40 minutes later right beside the restaurant!

More from San Isidro to come...

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