29 March 2012

We move in, they move out...TEXAS 29 March

Well our first proper moving in day was today back at the High Island house, and this meant unboarding the gazebo among other chores. Every year we do this we find various creatures that have moved in. This years squatters were this delightful pair: American Tree Frogs, who looked a little put out that we moved their favored boards, and soon disappeared into the brush somewhere.

The afternoon was spent scouring the coastline of the Bolivar Peninsula, dodging rain showers, and checking for the latest shorebird hotspots. We certainly found a few and these will be detailed next...

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john said...

Delightful treefrog photos. I checked my field guides to detemine the precise species they were. I'm not too sure without having them in hand, but they are most likely, Green Treefrogs, hyla cinerea. Possibly Squirrel Treefrogs, hyla squirella.