16 February 2011

Touching nightjars...ECUADOR (9 Feb)

We ended our day at Tapichalaca lined up waiting for the appearance of their regular Swallow-tailed Nightjars on their driveway. We had seen a female bird drop in the night before but were all eager for a fancy-tailed male so decided to give it another crack. Dusk fell, the Great Thrushes, Chestnut-naped Antpittas, and Chusquea Tapaculos fell silent, and a nightjar dropped onto the path, Then another, and then another! None though sported the tail we craved, and it transpired there were two juveniles and one female that gave unbelievable close-ups. I tried to see just how close the young one would allow me to go, and was incredulous when it let me touch its head! I guess getting a photo was not that difficult after all!

After the chill of the temperate forests of the east slope, we headed down into the forests of the foothills...

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