28 February 2011

The Moustached Lady...ECUADOR (22 Feb.)

After taking in all of the action at the Paz de las Aves fruit feeders we were alerted to the arrival of "Susan" a little further up the trail, and soon found this Moustached Antpitta happily hopping around in the open, grabbing a mouthful of worms and then chasing off into the shady understorey where it was though a recently born juvenile was waiting to take advantage of the feast. Thank heavens for Susan as she seems to be the only reliable antpitta of the four species that can be seen there, right now! After a brief sojourn at the hummer feeders with Velvet-purple Coronets, Empress Brilliants, and a striking Tawny-bellied Hermit headlining, another shout went up. This time for Orange-breasted Fruiteater which was seen feeding close to the cafe (where we later enjoyed a brunch of locally made empanadas and bolones).

From there we headed high and to the east, to the hummingbird lodge of Guango...

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