19 February 2011

Cryptic Nightjars...ECUADOR (13 Feb)

We had one final morning along in the eastern foothills, where whilst unsuccessfully searching for an Oilbird one of the people in the group Larry pointed me towards another roosting nightbird...a cryptic nightjar. Now this is not always good news for guides as we often use their calls at night to identify them, or focus on the males with their flashy wing or tail patterns to ID them. This one was sleeping quietly and was never going to give me a call at this time of day. What´s more there was no sign of any easy to use ID marks. After a little vexing and photographing it from every angle I decided it was a female Lyre-tailed Nightjar. On getting home and consulting the literature I am glad to say I got it right, not always easy with quiet nightjars!

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