11 August 2010

Papua New Guinea Trip 1: June 2010 (Kumul Continued)

There are just too many garden and bird table birds at Kumul Lodge (in the highlands of Enga province) to mention in one post so here's another (with another to follow). As well as the marquee birds-of-paradise, White-winged Robins flitted on and off the legs of the table, pouncing on insects on the ground from their lofty perches (bottom photo); Rufous-naped Whistler, a strange terrestrial species that bounced regularly along the verge of the flowerbeds (top photo); and a flashy, noisy honeyeater, the Belford's Melidectes came in and gorged on the bird table fruit whenever they got a look in from the tiger-parrots and birds-of-paradise that have considerably more muscle!

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