13 August 2010

Down with the Blues at Kumul (Papua New Guinea): June 2010

A steep hike was needed to get us up a slope where pretty soon our quarry announced his presence loudly. The bold beeping call sound reminiscent of a reverse signal on a truck indicating a male Blue Bird-of-Paradise was perched up somewhere, advertising his considerable presence to surrounding females. Soon after a conspicuous streamered silhouette was picked out on a high dead limb: a magnificent male Blue Bird-of-Paradise, one of the undisputed treasures of Papua New Guinea. Almost all birds-of-paradise are spectacular but this one with its bold white spectacles and fancy "dangly bits" is just that little bit more special. Having said all that a pigeon beat it into first place when the bird of the trip votes came in at the end! (more of that later though)....

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