19 August 2010

"Maximum Pigeon"...(Kiunga, Papua New Guinea): 26-28 June '10

After leaving the highlands of PNG we dropped into the lowlands, and the mining port of Kiunga. A distinct change in climate from the cool BOP-rich mountains, to the steamy jungle-filled lowlands. Beautiful forest spread out below as we dropped out of the clouds in our Dash-8 plane. A delayed flight saw us rushing to our first stop: a Greater Bird-of-paradise display tree on the edge of Kiunga. We made it just in time to see several males fluffed up and displaying in dramatic style. Magic.

The following morning dawned the absolute best day of this absorbing tour, and indeed one of my favorite tour days anywhere in the World. We begun watching a male Twelve-wired Bird-of-paradise displaying up and down his chosen "pole", then swiftly moved on to a scarlet-and-white male
King Bird-of-paradise climbing up and down his chosen display "stage": a rainforest vine tangle. As if that was not enough then we went after what became voted as the BEST BIRD OF THE TOUR: the largest pigeon ("maximum pigeon") on Earth, Southern Crowned Pigeon. The picture says it all, its masive but also impressive with its lace-like crest and deep maroon breast. A worthy winner (see photo). More from this single spectacular days birding to come soon...

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Dave said...

Wouldn't those be a lovely sight in the city parks?