02 May 2013

Magee Marsh...OHIO (2 May)

While we (Scott, Andres and I) skimmed around the various hotspots in this Ohio Migration Mecca yesterday, today we focused our attentions on just the one site: Magee Marsh, and its now-famous boardwalk. Never had warbler viewing been so easy as at this venue, and by the end of the day I am sure everyone present would agree. Early on it appeared the day might turn out to be a dud, with precious little warbler activity compared to yesterday, but slowly but surely birds were picked up and the Magee punters (and I include myself firmly in that category) were persuaded to beam at the action, which by the end of the day included a couple of stellar warbler species.

Early pleasers for me at least was my first male Cape May Warbler of spring, always a key moment in spring for me, followed after by the citrus tones of a male Prothonotary Warbler yelling his "SWEET-SWEET" song at me.

Then things went quiet for me until an afternoon flurry when I caught up with a foraging American Woodcock, a showy and photogenic Cape May, and then a ridiculously tame Kentucky Warbler, which had a male Mourning Warbler for company too at times....

More from Ohio soon

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