05 May 2013

Birding with Sam..OHIO (3 May)

Today was a special day in a number of ways, I racked up a personal total of some 23 warbler species (not your average day anywhere); AND I got to bird with some "budding birders", the young Hinklets, Sam and Madison Hinkle. They are young birders becoming keener with every single bird. They, as many children are, are discerning, and particular in their approach. Sam stated early on he liked seeing the same birds again, but really liked seeing new birds, and so our objective was clear, find Sam a new bird.

Madison is a little different, she is doing her own BIG YEARin her local area which just so happens to be the Ottawa NWR/Magee Marsh area of Ohio, and so is sure to get a good total. So Madison needed a new bird for her year list. We managed to kill two birds with one stone, with the help of their birding mother Rebecca (a good friend of mine), and found them an American Woodcock, a lifer for both of them and a new year bird for Madison's BIG YEAR. On top of that warblers dangled invitingly in front of them. I sincerely hope Madison and Sam keep up their birding and continue to enjoy nature as much as they appeared to on this day!

More from Ohio soon...

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Rebecca Lewis said...

Sam definitely loves to bird with you and he was thrilled with your post!