14 November 2011

YET more shorebirds...AUSTRALIA (30 Oct)

After our night safari on the Hay Plains, and, ahem, a 1am finish, we decided on a lie in (yes I can do this sometimes!), and a fried "brekky" (breakfast in Australian!) The late start though did not cost us birds as our journey towards Lake Cargelligo was punctuated with a top draw raptor: a Black Falcon circling low overhead. Only my 2nd sighting ever. Further disruption to our journey was provided by a group of White-fronted Chats and a gorgeous, gorgeous male White-winged Fairywren.

In the afternoon we took a stroll to the local sewage works (way, way better than it sounds), which was packed with shorebirds and other waterbirds. This included a healthy batch of Red-kneed Dotterels to entertain us in the gorgeous glow of the later afternoon sun. Red-necked Avocets and a triumvirate of crakes made for a very, very enjoyable evening (Spotted, Spotless, and Baillon's Crakes). On top of that an Orange Chat popped up in the scrubby edges of the marsh, and an Australian Hobby cruised over the marsh too. Great finish to our day.

Don't worry, lot, lots more to come from Australia...

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