13 November 2011

Plains-Lifer...AUSTRALIA (29 Oct)

And NO it was not the Plains-wanderer! Our "game drive" was awesome on the Hay Plains, thanks in no small part to the work of Phil Maher and his super hot bird-finding team. A low mumble about a mystery buttonquail had me desperate to hear more from the radios. Before you know though the cars were ringed in a circle with the headlights focused on this Red-chested Buttonquail. Like all buttonquail in Australia tricky to find, although this is arguably considerably tricker than most. It turned out to be an excellent tour for buttonquails with Painted Buttonquails watched making platelets in Royal National Park (New South Wales) and both Little and this buttonquail seen on this memorable tour of the flat plains. Like everything on these amazing night drives it was seen "rather" well!

STILL more to come from this night drive (I guess it was just one of those nights!)...

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